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Because the literacy tools our teachers, students, and parents have used are available to you, at NO cost! 
We want our materials to be used because we have witnessed a child's ability to learn and grow to LOVE literacy with this program. That is why we have created this site! 

Below you will see a list of the key literacy materials used within our grant schools. These materials are to be used within your Language and literacy centers. 

About the language and literacy centers:

  • A necessary tenet to the balanced literacy classroom
  • Provide ideal settings for discourse and shared talking to unfold naturally
  • The centers are placed in the classroom environment in strategic locations with space to work individually, with peers, and on teams.  

Please follow the links and read the description and instructions for implementing each material carefully. We have provided PDF versions of all materials (and links for book purchasing) for your convenience.

Download and print any of our teacher-friendly materials and informational sheets to use in your classroom. Voi-la!, you are on your way to a balanced literacy school! We look forward to hearing how your students' literacy development flourishes with the aid of the Balanced Literacy Resources. 

See Balanced Literacy For Teachers for more details about the usefulness of these materials. Administrators, please see our Administrators Creating a Balanced Literacy School page for tips in supporting teachers in creating a balanced literacy environment inside and outside the classroom. 

Formative Assessment In The New Balanced Literacy Classroom

It is true that "assessment drives instruction". This resource, authored by Dr. Margaret Policastro, Dr. Becky McTague, and Dr. Diane Mazeski, can easily be used as a professional read for teachers, staff and administrators. The seven chapters can be assigned to read for grade level meetings, grade band meetings, jigsaw ...

Living Literacy At Home: A Parent's Guide

Dr. Margaret Policastro give us a snapshot of what literacy looks like in today’s classroom and the support on how to make that home-to-school connection. How to implement:  The joy of reading continues at home......in the kitchen, doing the laundry, painting a room. What a wonderful book to ...

Comprehensive Literacy Basics: An Anthology By Capstone Professional

This book, compiled by experts in the filed of literacy language arts education, will provides support for educators as well as valuable knowledge in literacy development in areas such as: language arts block, including whole group, small group, writing, and differentiation. Capstone publishing ensures "the quick tips and suggestions within ...

The New Balanced Literacy School: Implementing The Common Core

This book, authored by Dr. Margaret Policastro and Dr. Becky McTague, infuses best practices of the new balanced literacy model through the lens of Common Core with support in read-alouds, independent reading and writing, language and literacy, and several other areas. This must read book will be the vehicle that ...